What types of writing projects can you post?

You can post your writing project in the following categories:

1- Naming
-Company Naming (Name for a company or entity.)
-Product Naming (Name for a product.)
-Domain Naming (Name for a registered domain.)

2 - Creative
-Essay & Story  (Writing for an opinion article, essay or short story..)
-Script Writing (Writing for movies, television or plays.)
-Book (Writing for a creative book or e-book.)  
-Lyrics & Poetry (Writing for song lyrics or poetry.)


3 - Business
-Marketing (Copy for brochures, product descriptions, newsletters, press releases, etc.)
-Technical (Copy for documentation, manuals, white papers, etc.)
-Resume (Writing for resumes, cover letters, bios, etc.) 
-Presentation (Writing for a presentation, speech, etc.)
-Article, Report & Proposal (Writing for an article, report or proposal.)
-Business Plan (Writing for a business or marketing plan.)
-Book (Writing for a book or e-book.)  
-Tagline ( Tagline writing project.)


4 - Online
-Blog  (Writing for a blog.)
-Newsletter (Writing for a newsletter.)
-Online Marketing (Writing for an online advertising or marketing piece.)
-Web Content (Writing for website content.)
-SEO/SEM (Writing for SEO or SEM.)

5 - Editing & Proofreading
-Editing & Proofreading (Editing or proofreading writing.)

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