What types of design projects can you post?

We offer many different categories in which you can post your graphic, web, industrial design and writing projects. Click here for 99 examples of the many types of design projects you can post.

Here are the current project categories on crowdSPRING:

design project categories:

• Logo (Logo design only)
• Express Logo
• Clothing (T• shirts and other clothing items)
• Logo AND Stationery (Logo and business card, letterhead, envelope)
• Print design (Postcards, brochures, posters, billboards, etc.)
• Letterhead & Stationery (Business card, letterhead and envelope only)
• Package Graphics (Graphics to be printed on existing packaging)
• Illustration (Custom characters, lettering, sketches, etc.)

uncoded web design categories:

• Landing Page (uncoded) (Single stand• alone page, not part of a larger site)
• Widgets and Apps (uncoded) (Project subcategory for website widgets
• Small Website (uncoded) (Website needing 1• 4 pages)
• Email Template (uncoded) (Layout for an email message)
• Large Website (uncoded) (Website needing 5+ pages)
• Icons and Buttons (Icons and buttons on websites, apps, etc.)
• Blog Theme (uncoded) (Layout for a blog)
• Ad banner (Standard advertising banner)
• Header (Header on a blog, website, etc.)

industrial design categories:

• Packaging Design (Actual package design, NOT graphics on a package)
• Product Design (Actual product design, NOT graphics on a product)

writing project categories:

• Company Naming (Name for a company or entity.)
• Product Naming (Name for a product.)
• Domain Naming (Name for a registered domain.)
• Essay & Story (Writing for an opinion article, essay or short story..)
• Script Writing (Writing for movies, television or plays.)
• Book (Writing for a creative book or e• book.)
• Lyrics & Poetry (Writing for song lyrics or poetry.)
• Marketing (Copy for brochures, product descriptions, newsletters, press releases, etc.)
• Technical (Copy for documentation, manuals, white papers, etc.)
• Resume (Writing for resumes, cover letters, bios, etc.)
• Presentation (Writing for a presentation, speech, etc.)
• Article, Report & Proposal (Writing for an article, report or proposal.)
• Business Plan (Writing for a business or marketing plan.)
• Book (Writing for a book or e• book.)
• Tagline ( Tagline writing project.)

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