What is a Tip

After a buyer awards their project, they can tip other participants. A buyer can tip as many times as they want (each tip must be at least $20).

Tips are a great way for buyers to thank participants for their hard work.

If you regularly withdraw your entries after a project is awarded, you should reconsider doing that - a withdrawn entry cannot be tipped.

By receiving a tip, a creative does not give up any rights to their work. To receive full rights to an entry, a buyer should add another award and buy that entry instead.

When an entry is tipped, we'll show this in the gallery to let everyone know the creative received a tip.

tips flagl

We notify creatives right away when they receive a tip. The tip amount will be displayed in the creative's Payment tab in their mySPRING, in the "pending" section.

Keep in mind that tips are not made available for payment until the project in which the tip was given has been completed (typically, projects wrap-up in about 10 days). Once a project is completed, the tip becomes available and can be withdrawn, together with other tips and awards.

Tipping practices vary around the world. In some cultures, tipping is an accepted custom and people often tip to express their appreciation for great service. But there are cultures where tipping is rare. Be respectful and be thankful when you receive a tip from a buyer. And please, never ask that a buyer tip your work - that's just not cool.

Last updated: 30-Sep-15 7:32 p.m. GMT

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