What is a Reputation Score?

crowdSPRING has a system in place which computes and displays a "Reputation Score" on every user's profile. The system takes into account the quality of work submitted by the user, their level of participation, their history on the site, and their community behavior to calculate a score on a scale of 0-100. A score of 0-20 is very poor while a score of 80-100 reflects the very best in quality and behavior! To be eligible to take part in PLATINUM projects, Creatives must receive an invitation from the Buyer, or have a reputation score of 80 or higher.

We built the reputation system with these goals in mind:

• Promote quality work

• Encourage participation

• Build loyalty

• Nurture community

• Discourage negative behavior

Users can impact their scores by visiting the site often, participating in lots of projects, receiving high scores from buyers, and through positive behavior, such as reporting problem projects, participating in the forums, and submitting work to give-back projects as well other special projects on the site. Here are more tips on improving scores for designers and writers.

When a new user joins the site, they are automatically assigned a score of 70, considered to be "Very Good." This score will rise or fall based on the overall quality of the work they submit, as well as the user's behavior in the community. The scores are updated every 24-48 hours.

Last updated: 17-Jan-14 3:41 p.m. GMT

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