What happens when a buyer doesn't award their project?

If a buyer doesn't pick an entry, we set in motion a series of events. First we email them. Then, if they don't respond, we call them. And eventually, if there's still no response, we will either set the project to complete or (in the case of a Buyer Assured project) step in and award the project ourselves.

We know it's tough to wait but, in some cases, this entire process can take as much as 6 weeks from the end of the project so we ask for your patience. The logic for this is pretty simple - there's often a perfectly good reason why a buyer needs a bit more time to award. And, to be honest, it's in everyone's best interest to let the buyer award the project. This means one of the participants will get a higher award, the buyer will get what they came for and the crowdSPRING site will have another satisfied customer spreading the word. So, if waiting a bit longer means that creatives will potentially make hundreds more, then we try to wait.

If you see a project that is late to be awarded, rest assured that it hasn't fallen through the cracks. We'll keep everyone posted via the project's Activity tab when there is news on the award.

Last updated: 21-Oct-15 6:01 p.m. CEST

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