What are the benefits of multiple awards in a project?

Multiple awards significantly boost your project's participation as Creatives have more chances to win an award for their work. By purchasing multiple entries, you can also combine the different elements or ideas you'd like the most in your project or develop multiple brandings for your products or company.

You can add additional awards and then purchase multiple entries and receive separate legal contracts and deliverables for all of them. You can do so right when you post your project by clicking on the "add award" button located next to the first award amount. You can add as many additional awards as you want – our only rule after a project has started is that the awards must be at least equal to your lowest award.

To add awards once your project has started, simply go to your project's "Details" page and click on the "Add awards" button situated on the left hand side of the page.

Last updated: 29-Jan-15 4:44 p.m. GMT

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