What are "project materials?"

"Project materials" are all the files, images, etc. that you think are necessary for the completion of your project. You can upload the materials when you post your project or at a later time by clicking on the "Add Materials" button in your project "Details" tab. The maximum file size is 50mb

Upload any other files you'd like to share. This could be your logo, company fonts or photos that have to be used in the project. It could also be examples of designs that you like, examples of your competition, or styles that should be avoided- anything to help inspire or instruct Creatives.

Oh, and don't forget to explain in your brief why you're including that file, what you like or don't like about it, etc. If you have more than four files to upload, here's a tip: consider adding them all in a Zip file and uploading the Zip file instead. Our Creatives will thank you for it!

Last updated: 29-Jan-15 4:53 p.m. GMT

Tags: files, materials, upload

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