The Buyer didn’t approve you to participate in a PLATINUM project, why?

We do not know the reasons why a Buyer would not want such a talented Creative as you to work on their project. We suggest sending them a Private Message to ask them what's up (just remember to be polite!).

IMPORTANT NOTE: To be eligible to take part in Platinum projects, Creatives must receive an invitation from the Buyer, or have a reputation score of 80 or higher.

We can share that many buyers look at crowdSPRING portfolios before deciding whether to approve a creative to participate in their PLATINUM project. So if you don't yet have a portfolio or you have one but it's pretty bare - take a little time and add items so that buyers get a feel for the type of work you do. Oh, and if you don't have an avatar, it's time to make that happen!

Last updated: 20-Nov-15 10:15 p.m. GMT

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