Improving Your Reputation Score - Writing

Many of our Creatives are always working to improve their skills and have success on the site. Here are some tips for improving your entry scores, raising your reputation score, and winning some awards.

• First and foremost - read the brief carefully and do your best work. Check your spelling and make sure your entry looks just right before posting.

• If you are posting a PDF file for a writing project make sure you use a nice clear font that is large enough so it is easy on the eyes.

• When you post your entry, explain your concept and why it fits what they are looking for in their brief. Many creatives do not do this. It will increase your chances for feedback and a rating, and helps you build a relationship with the buyer.

• Many buyers look at crowdSPRING profiles before deciding whether to approve a creative to participate in their PLATINUM project. Make sure you have a nice avatar and short bio for their reference. You can also upload sample work to your portfolio if you have something cool to share.

· Enter EARLY! It helps you build a working relationship with the Buyer, and entries at the very beginning of projects get rated more often than later entries.

• Put thought into it! Use tools like a dictionary or thesaurus. Do research. Think about the project while you are out for a walk or brushing your teeth.

• For naming projects that require a domain, be sure to check the availability on It’s also nice to confirm the domains that are available as part of your entry comments.

• As you submit to more and more projects - you will get a feel for the ones where you do best. Don't try to make yourself something you're not. You will learn to read a brief and know if it's a good fit for your style.

• If feedback is very important to you, check the buyer activity rating and project stats before participating. If the project is almost over and the rating is still “Low” you may want to look for another project.

• If you find yourself frustrated by a project - withdraw and move on. You are not going to click with every buyer. Our most successful creatives know this - and use this strategy. Focus your attention and efforts on the projects that you can get something out of. Use the time here to learn and grow as a writer. Push yourself to improve and find unique solutions to each project brief. If it gets to be too much - take a break. Creating is best when it’s fun - and fulfilling.

For more details on how to succeed as a Creative, check out this Guide created with the help of some of our talented crowdSPRING designers.

Last updated: 6-Jun-14 3:25 p.m. GMT

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