How do you invite Creatives to participate in your project?

Simply browse for Creatives that you like in open projects or by looking at Creatives' profile and portfolios. You can find profiles and portfolios by clicking Browse at the top of any page and then selecting either the "Creatives" or "Portfolios" tabs. Once you find a creative you like, send them a Private Message "invitation" to participate in your project (don't forget to include a link!). This can be very effective - not to mention flattering to the designers.

If you are inviting a Creative to an NDA protected project, the invitation will appear in the "Pending and Approved" section of their mySPRING projects tab. They will be able to click through and sign your NDA in order to participate in your project.

Last updated: 26-Mar-15 1:50 p.m. GMT

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