How do you give feedback in your project?

There are three different ways of providing feedback:

If you need to post a public message to all participants in your project:

• You can also post an update to your creative brief - or just a comment - in your Details page, which will be posted immediately and sent to all participating Creatives via email.

If you need to give direct private feedback to a Creative in your project:

• In the Gallery, find the entry to which you want to provide feedback and click on it. You'll see a new page (we call it the entry detail page), where you can leave a private comment directly in the comment box located to the right of the image. As soon as you leave the comment, we'll immediately notify the creative. Remember that you have to be logged in and in your own project to leave a comment.

• Score each entry by clicking on the pink scoring tab under the entry (you can score both in the Gallery and also in the entry detail view). To do so, scroll over the number of stars you want to give and click on the one that matches your score (number 4 for 4 stars for example).

If you want to communicate with a creative who is not participating in your project, simply send a direct Private Message to them by going to your mySPRING messages tab, or by clicking on the Creative's username anywhere it appears on our site.

If the creative is participating in your project, you can send them a private message directly through one of the entries they submitted to your project (see above). In the spirit of fair play, we don't allow private messages between the Buyer in a project and the Creatives who are participating in that project.

Last updated: 29-Jan-15 4:54 p.m. GMT

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