How do you approve Creatives to participate in your PLATINUM project?

In your project's settings tab (this is available only in PLATINUM projects), you have two ways of approving Creatives in your project:

You can approve Creatives after they signed your NDA automatically by selecting yes in your settings.

Or, if you selected "no," you can manually grant access to you Creative by checking the mark next to their user name.

The settings allow you to manage who gets to participate in your project and more.

You have full control over access to your Pro project. You can admit participants automatically after a non-disclosure agreement is signed or can decide on a case-by-case basis. And once participants are admitted to a project, they can be removed by you and added back at any time. You can also decide whether Creatives can see one another's entries.

Last updated: 19-Nov-15 10:27 p.m. GMT

Tags: approval, participate, platinum, privacy, settings

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