An Illustrated Guide to Project Wrapup.

Wrapup for Buyers is a simple, four step process. To see the Creative's version of Wrapup, click here.

Step 1: Pick a winner

After your project ends, log in and visit your project's Gallery page. Every entry in the Gallery will show a red "Pick Me" banner in the top left corner. Click on the red banner of the entry you want to award.

As you see below, an "Award Selection" window will appear. If you have multiple awards, select the award you are assigning to the entry displayed in the window and click "Submit." Repeat this step for any additional awards in your project. Don't worry about changes or revisions at this point - you'll be able to ask for tweaks in Wrapup.

What happens next: Once you assign your award(s), we'll send a note by carrier pigeon (or email) to the winning Creative(s) to give them the good news! And we'll also gently let the other Creatives in the project know that they weren't selected. We'll also email you and the winning Creative(s) a PDF copy of the legal agreement for the project. The winning Creative(s) will give us their payment information and will be asked to upload a Proof for your review.

You'll know that you've successfully awarded your project in three ways: 1) you'll see green banners in the top left corner of the entry or entries you awarded, 2) the text below the tabs will change to: "Go to the pink wrapup tab to complete your project." (see below), and 3) you'll receive an email confirming the award(s).

Step 2: Approve your Proof

After you've issued the award(s), you'll see a new, pink "Wrapup" tab in your project. You'll complete Wrapup in that tab. Since you've already completed Step 1 (you picked your favorite!), all you need to do now is to wait patiently for the Proofs. While some Creatives will send you these files right away, others need a bit of time and it could take a day or two; in any case, we'll send you an email when the proof files are uploaded and ready for you to review.

If you would like to send the Creative questions or directions at any point in the process, just type directly into the "Leave a comment" text box and click the blue "Send a message" button. These comments are private and will be sent directly to the Creative and only the two of you can view these.

The goal in this step is to review your Proofs and get the tweaks you need by commenting on each file sent to you by your Creative. You can send as many comments as you like - your latest comment will always show above the newest file, thereby creating a "conversation" thread between you and your Creative.

Once you are satisfied with your Proofs, you are ready to move to the next step and review the Final Files. Click on the "Continue to next step" button.

When you click on "Continue to next step" we will ask you to confirm that you are ready to move to Step 3 and review your Final Files. (see below).

You'll know that Step 2 is completed as it will be grayed out with a green "(DONE)" on the right. (below).

Step 3: Approve your Final Files

As you can see in the images below, once you have approved the Proofs, the Creative will send you Final Files. This step works just like Step 2: once the Creative has uploaded the Final Files, you'll need to download them and review them thoroughly. Again, you will have the opportunity to send comments on each file.

Check to make sure all the file types you requested are there, and that everything looks the way it should. If the Final Files are okay, click the green "Approve these files" button. If the Final Files need further work just write a comment to your Creative to explain what you want changed. You can send as many comments as you like. We'll send a note to the Creative to let them know and they will be able to resubmit the Final Files.

Once you click on the green "Approve these files" button, we will ask you to confirm that you have everything you need. (see below).

Hooray! You have all you need. Now that you have completed Step 3, crowdSPRING will process and transfer payment to the Creative within three business days. That'll make them really happy!

Step 4: Rate the Creative

Your final step is to rate the Creative and thank them for their work in the "Rate the Creative" pop up window.

You'll rate the Creative on three criteria: Timing, Communication and Overall Satisfaction. These ratings are important since other Buyers will view them. Using your mouse, adjust the blue sliders to set your ratings score (on a scale from 0 to 100). Don't forget to leave comments - these "testimonials" will inform other Buyers about the Creative's work. When you're done, click the blue "Submit" button.

That's it. You're done! We'll let the Creative know that you've rated them and they'll also rate you.

Congratulations on your great new design from the crowdSPRING crew!

Last updated: 30-Sep-15 7:28 p.m. GMT

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