How does project Wrapup work?

Wrapup for Creatives is a simple, four-step process. To see the Buyer's version of Wrapup, click here.

Step 1: You are the winner!

After you receive the email letting you know you were selected, you'll see a new, pink "Wrapup" tab in the project. We will need two pieces of information before we can pay you: your real first and last name (or the name of your business) and your PayPal email address.

If you don't have the payment information handy, don't worry: you can come back to this step later. You will need to give us your name and then you can simply click on "Finish this step later" to move on to Step 2.

You'll know that you have successfully entered your name and PayPal email address (or bank wire info) when Step 1 is grayed out and displays a green "(done)" on the right.

If PayPal isn't available in your country, we can pay you by a direct bank wire transfer. Here is how it works: Click on the blue link "I live in a country where I cannot use PayPal" and fill in all the fields (see below). Please make sure that you double-check all your information, as we really don't want to wire your award to your neighbor. :)

Step 2: Send your Proof

You can upload as many files as necessary and you can delete them if you need to upload a newer version. Sometimes, Buyers will ask for a few tweaks during the Proof stage of Wrapup; it's a good practice to see if the Buyer wants any changes before you send the first set of Proofs. To upload Proofs, click on "CHOOSE FILE" button and upload the file. Leave a comment for the Buyer and click the blue "Send" button (see below).

You can send a comment to the Buyer at anytime by typing a short comment in Step 2 and clicking the "Send" button. Here, you can provide information about your design, the revisions you made, or to ask any questions of the Buyer.

You can also view the Buyer's comments on your Proofs. Each time the Buyer sends you a comment in Wrapup, you will receive a note letting you know. In Wrapup, the latest Buyer comments will always be above your newest Proof.

Before you can move to the next step, the Buyer must approve your Proofs by completing Step 2. Be patient, the Buyer may take a few days to review the Proofs and get back to you. If you don't hear anything from them, it's a good practice to send them a note after 24 hours (either by leaving a comment in the Wrapup tab). You can also see when the Buyer last logged in: simply check the "Buyer viewed" information located on the right side of the Wrapup page.You'll know that Step 2 is complete as it will be grayed out with a green ("done") on the right.

Step 3: Send your Final Files

Once the Buyer has approved your Proofs and has completed Step 2, you can upload the Final Files (please remember that you won't be able to do this until we have your payment information in step 1). Step 3 works just like Step 2: if the Final Files need further work, the Buyer will explain what needs to be changed by sending you a comment. Please make sure that all the file types requested by the Buyer are included in Step 3 and that everything looks the way it should. If you forgot something, let the Buyer know by filling out the "Leave a comment" field and clicking on the "Send" button. You can upload as many files as necessary and send as many comments as you like.

After the Buyer has approved your Final Files, Step 3 will be complete and you'll receive an email from us telling you that we'll pay you within three business days. Next up: you'll move to ratings!

Step 4: Rate the Buyer

Hooray! You are almost done! Your final step is to rate the Buyer (they also rated you) and thank them for the project and the award.

You'll rate the Buyer on three criteria: Timing, Communication and Overall Satisfaction. These ratings are important since other Creatives will view them. Using your mouse, adjust the blue sliders to set your ratings score (on a scale from 0 to 100). Don't forget to leave comments - these "testimonials" will inform other Creatives about the Buyer's work. When you're done, click the blue "Submit" button.

That's it. You're done! We'll let the Buyer know that you've rated them. Each step in Wrapup will show that it's been done. Congratulations from the crowdSPRING crew!

Last updated: 1-Oct-15 2:26 a.m. ICT

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