How do you write a good creative brief?

Your creative brief is a description of what you need from your project. Typically you tell people all about what you're looking for, what kind of company you are, how you're different from your competitors, what kinds of stuff you like and don't like, etc. Just be as absolutely descriptive as you possibly can and tell the creatives as much as you can about yourself and your project. The better the brief, the better the work.

When you post your project, crowdSPRING helps you write your creative brief - we’ll ask you a series of questions, and you’ll answer those. At the end of the process - presto! Your brief will be complete.

Still here? OK, here’s the deal – your brief can make or break your project. We can’t stress this enough. You could have an interesting project with a great reward but if it doesn’t have a good project brief, many Creatives won’t participate. While the Creatives are competing with each other, you are competing with other projects.

Most Creatives have a limited amount of time so they will be picky when choosing which projects to work on. The brief doesn’t have to be overly formal - just be sure to clearly identify the objectives and make it sound like a real person wrote it.

Be sure to have a descriptive title for your project. Pick wisely - this is the first thing that Creatives will see when deciding whether to click on your project and submit. So try to make it stand out from the pack. What’s a title that would catch your attention?

And above all, make sure your brief is descriptive and that you tell us all you can about your company, your product, or yourself.

Remember: just because you understand your company, that doesn’t mean that every Creative reading your brief will. Help us understand how you see your company (or your products). Is your company young, old, modern, fresh, exciting, conservative? All or none of the above? Be HONEST.

Define the problem and define your goals – Creatives are essentially problem solvers. Being creative is not something that magically happens—it’s a process. If you provide better details, you’ll generally receive better solutions to your problem.

Last updated: 23-Jan-15 7:22 p.m. GMT

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