How do you successfully manage your project?

The entire project is fully managed right on our site and we give you the tools to make this easy.

You can easily sort or filter the entries as they come in, provide feedback, ask for iterations, send public or private messages, create updates to your project brief, upload files to share with the participating Creatives, ask your customers to come vote for their favorites and much more.

Even the project Wrap Up takes place on our site. At the end of the project, after you pick your winner, the winning Creative will upload proofs for your final tweaks/comments and then will upload the final files with your favorite designs. We even take care of paying the winning Creative(s) on your behalf after you approve the final files.

The creative process can be very challenging - for designers and non-designers alike. The key to success is to follow sound practices, develop specific criteria and provide great feedback throughout the process.

The Creatives working on crowdSPRING have collaborated and prepared their "Top 10 tips for Buyers who are looking to run a successful design project on crowdSPRING".

There's also an excellent guide for managing logo design projects.

Many Buyers have had success by trying a couple of strategies, which may also work for you:

• Make a move: Browse through other projects and find Creatives you like, then just click on their username and send them a Private Message to invite them to your project.

• Give feedback early - give feedback often! The more feedback you can give on every single entry, the better. Tell them what you're liking, what you're not liking and what they can do to get closer to what you're looking for. Then, guess what - they'll do it!

• Be sure to score EVERY entry. We know, we know - some of them aren't what you're looking for at all. But you've go tta do it. Just be fair and be specific. And remember, projects that have feedback on every entry get an average of 300 to 500% more entries than other projects.

Last updated: 29-Jan-15 4:54 p.m. GMT

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