How do you submit your work to a project?

From the project gallery, click on the pink "Participate now" link on the upper righ-hand side of the page. It will open a new submission page. If you do not have a template for your entries, you can download it right in the submission page or click here.

Once your work is ready to upload, follow these simple steps:

• Give your entry a title.

• Add the comments that you think are important for the Buyer and that explain your work and vision for their project.

• Select the box that matches your work from the three choices as shown in the image below. Please make sure that you are not in violation of anybody else's copyright before uploading your entry. You could lose your privileges on crowdSPRING if you are willfully selecting the wrong statement about your work or are in violation with our user agreement and standards of conduct. If you have any doubts, check our standards of Conduct for Creatives.

Select your entry and click "Submit." That's it, you're done! Good luck!

Last updated: 30-Sep-15 6:58 p.m. GMT

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