How do you manage your notifications?

Go to your "Notifications" tab in mySPRING.

In this tab, verify that we are sending notifications to the correct email (look right at the top, where we'll tell you the email address we have for you). Click "Change" if you need to change the email address.

Here is how to set and manage your notifications:

In the Activity section, you can set notifications for projects where you're a buyer, for those where you're a creative, and also for projects you just want to watch (by adding them to your watchlist). You have 3 choices: Immediately, Daily and Never.

In the second section, New projects, choose the categories you wish be notified about. Here, you also have three choices: Immediately, Daily and Never. You can set any of those three, but you have to have the same setting for ALL new project categories and subcategories. Once you set your frequency, you can then set your notification preferences to learn about new projects posted on crowdSPRING. Here, you can select some or all categories (such as Graphic Design and/or Web Design) or you can expand each category by clicking the plus sign to the left of the category (this will show you all the subcategories within the category).

You also can decide whether you want to be notified about all projects (silver, gold or Platinum)) or just Platinum projects. Finally, you can set your news, updates and promotions preferences.

Once you've selected your categories (and subcategories), click on the big blue "Save my notification settings" button.

That's it you're done. At anytime, feel free to change your settings to what is the most convenient for you.

If you want to subscribe to RSS feeds for projects, look for the RSS link in the footer of any page on our site.

Last updated: 23-Jan-15 4:38 p.m. GMT

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