How do you invite a Creative to your 1-to-1 project?

When you post your 1-to-1 project we’ll match you with one of the top Creatives in our community based on information you provide, including specialization, location, language, and industry.

Searching for creatives


Alternately, we give you options to invite a Creative you know by entering their username, select a creative from your mySPRING contact list, or choose one from a previous project.

Invite by username


You can invite up to 3 Creatives and whoever accepts first will get the job. They will receive a link to your brief so they can review your project and let you know if they are interested.

Managing invites


You can also reach out to Creatives prior to posting to negotiate the project scope and award amount before you begin the process as well.


One note: 1-to-1 projects are not covered by our guarantee - these special projects are the equivalent of hiring a Creative directly.

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Last updated: 30-Sep-15 6:53 p.m. GMT

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