How do I give feedback to Creatives participating in my project?

There are three different ways of giving feedback to your Creatives:

1. If you need to reach all your Creatives simply post a "project update" in the Details tab of your project and it will be posted for all to see. They also receive an email notification with your comment.

2. If you need to give direct feedback to an individual Creative just click on the entry in question and it will open in a new page. There, you can leave a comment directly in the comment box situated in the right hand side of the image.

3. The third form of feedback are the scores you give to each entry by clicking on the pink scoring tab underneath each entry in the gallery. To apply a score, scroll over the number of stars you want to give and click on the one that matches your score (number 4 for 4 stars for example).

Last updated: 29-Nov-10 8:23 p.m. GMT

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