What is a Focus Group?

Since the average project receives well over 100 entries, it's understandable that you might have trouble picking just one. But don't worry, now - just as in real life - you can add the opinions of your friends, family, colleagues and customers into the mix!

That's right, now you can pick your favorite 10 entries and ask your friends, family and coworkers to comment and vote on their favorites and run your very own focus group.

You can launch a focus group at any time in your project - although we recommend you wait until near the end of the project when you've already received all your favorite entries.

Anyone is eligible to vote as long as they have the special voting URL we'll provide to you. Users do not need to register on crowdSPRING to vote, but please keep in mind that there's only one vote per IP address (we do this to prevent voting fraud). So if you are inviting a group of people who share the same IP address to vote on your project, you might recommend that they register an account before voting (it takes just one minute). You can run multiple focus groups simultaneously!

Below, we'll walk you through the steps of setting up a vote (three simple steps).

Log into your crowdSPRING account and go to your project. There you'll see the "Focus Group" tab and can click on it to get started.

Step 1: Name your focus group and write a personal message. Click Save Group and move to Step 2.

Step 2: Select the entries you want by clicking on them.

You can filter and sort the entries by clicking on the drop down menu by the words "Show Me". You can select up to 10 entries for each focus group. We'll let you sort by score, date submitted, creative name, and a few other ways - including your top 30 scored entries.

Step 3. Enter the email addresses of those you want to vote and click "Send Invite and Launch".

People you invited will receive an email with a link to your focus group. Once they've clicked on the link they'll see the images displayed and will have the ability to select the number of stars they wish to rate the entries. We use a 5 star rating system and allow each voter to leave a comment for each entry. Voters also have the option to enter their own name so the buyer can see who has votes.

Buyers can log back into their cS account and go to their "Focus Group" tab to review the results. All they need to do to review the result is click on "View Results" .

Simple right?

Last updated: 30-Sep-15 7:18 p.m. GMT

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