Does crowdSPRING have specific policies to protect intellectual property rights?

Yes. crowdSPRING has two written policies designed to protect intellectual property.

First, crowdSPRING's Copyright Policy makes it easy for copyright owners to report alleged violations of their intellectual property rights. Second, crowdSPRING's User Agreement prohibits people from selling, reproducing, modifying, displaying, preparing derivative works from, reposting, or using the content found on - without the express written permission from the owner of the work.

For more information about crowdSPRING's intellectual property policies and practices, we invite you to read our blog post on intellectual property protections.

After consulting and collaborating with crowdSPRING's community, crowdSPRING also has adopted Standards of Conduct for Creatives and Standards of Conduct for Buyers - each of which touches on the importance of intellectual property in our community.

Last updated: 23-Jan-15 7:20 p.m. GMT

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