Creative browse: find talented creatives from around the world

The best way to guarantee that you'll get a phenomenal result in your project is to find creatives whose work you like and invite them to participate in your project. We made it very easy for you to find the best creatives. You can:

  1. Search by specialization (logo design, web design, illustration and MUCH more).
  2. Search by Country.
  3. Search by Language.
  4. Learn more about a creative.
  5. Invite creatives to your project.
  6. Send creatives a private message.
  7. Add creatives to your contacts.
  8. Use advanced tools to invite multiple creatives at once!

Start by clicking "Browse" at the top of any page on our site, and select the gray "Creatives" tab.

navigation menu

creative browse tab

You can search by Specialization, Country and Language. And you can even search using your own terms. It's really easy.

filters menu

Below each image in the search results, you'll find find four icons. The magnifying glass will let you view that creative's profile. The plus sign will let you invite that creative to your crowdSPRING project. We'll even give you a choice of all your open projects to make this super easy. The Envelope will let you send a private message to that creative, and the last icon will let you add the creative to your contacts on crowdSPRING so that you can contact them later.

filters menu

Just click "Filter" under each option when you're made your selection(s). We'll even show you, right below the filters, your search criteria.

filters menu

When you have narrowed your search, you can click the blue “Advanced tools” button which will let you interact with multiple creatives in one step. You can invite them to your project, send a private message, or add to your contacts.

advanced tools

When you click the Advanced tools button, you'll see a blue “Select “ flag in the corner of each image. Select the ones you want on the same page and then click one of the three buttons under "Advanced tools" to add to contacts, invite to project, or send a private message. Don't worry - you can remove your selection if you change your mind.

advanced tools - example

If you are interested in a creative and want to learn more about them, click on their username and we'll show you some information highlights about them. If you click on their name in the pop-up, we will show you their profile where you can learn even more about them, and you also can see their full portfolio. You can click on the + sign and invite them from the pop up to your project by selecting your project from the drop down after clicking on the plus sign

creative popup

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