Collaboration tool: allow other people to help manage your project

Working with another person or a team and want to invite them to look at your project or to help you manage your project? No problem. You can invite anyone you want (EXCEPT cS creatives), and you'll control what your collaborators will be able to do in the project.

For example, you can give each or all of these rights to every collaborator:

  1. Leave feedback on entries in the gallery
  2. Score the entries in the gallery
  3. The ability to update the project brief
  4. Invite creatives to the project
  5. Communicate in the wrapup process and finalize the project

Collaborators can exchange private messages with the buyer by leaving comments on the entry detail page.

When you invite collaborators, we send them an email with a note from you and a link to the project. From this link they can either log in or register an account. If the collaborator does not have an account they will be required to register one in order to access the project. When they visit your project, they will see a a yellow banner that tells them they are a collaborator and a list of things they are permitted to do.

You have full control at all times. For example, you can remove a collaborator at any time. Once removed, they will not be able to take any further action in the project or see private galleries. But don't worry, we don't delete anything they did before you removed them.

Here is a useful step-by-step guide:

1. Visit the Collaboration Tab in your project:

collab tab

2. Invite Collaborators:

Enter username or email address of those you want to invite to help you and decide what each collaborator can do in your project.

collab invite form

3. Send Invitations

Click Send and once the collaborator has registered or logged into their account they will be able to access your project:

collab header

Last updated: 30-Sep-15 7:36 p.m. GMT

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