Can you add your work covered by an NDA to your portfolio on crowdSPRING or elsewhere?

When the buyer posted their project, we asked whether they would permit participants to display their proposed work in their portfolios (whether or not they were selected as the winner in the project). If the buyer declined and did not allow participants to display their work in their portfolio, then the non disclosure agreement in the project prevents you from doing so and you are not allowed to show that work in your portfolio on crowdSPRING or elsewhere unless you first remove all identifying information about the buyer and/or the project.

Many creatives will decline to participate if they are not allowed to display work in their portfolio. Therefore, many buyers prefer to allow creatives to display winning and non-winning work in their portfolio. In such projects, the non-disclosure agreement will expressly let you display your work in your portfolio.

Last updated: 7-Jul-11 8:14 p.m. GMT

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