Can I Tip Creatives?

In addition to the awards offered in their projects, buyers may want to give a special thank you to other participants for their hard work. It's super simple to do so! Once you have selected the winning entry, we'll ask you if you'd like to leave "tips" for other participants.

"Tips" are simply a way to thank a Creative whose work you liked or just whose participation you appreciated. Keep in mind the Creative whom you tip will retain the rights to their work. If you wish to purchase the rights to another entry you must add an award and award their entry.

Here is an illustrated guide to tipping:

1. Decide if you'd like to tips by clicking "Yes"

add tips modal

If you are not ready to leave a tip, click "No". We'll add a new button "Add tip" to your Project so that you can tip later, if you change your mind.

add tips button

2. Find an entry you want to tip and click on the blue "Tip Me" flag. Enter the amount of your tip (minimum of $20) and pay using your prior payment information or enter new payment information.

enter tip amount

4. Once we process your payment, you will see a pink "Tipped" flag across the entry and we'll also post a comment in the entry details page letting the creative know you've left a tip for them.


Pretty simple! And creatives will truly appreciate your kind gesture.

Last updated: 30-Sep-15 7:37 p.m. GMT

Tags: award, thank you, tips

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