Why was a creative banned from my project?

When a creative violates our user agreement or standards of conduct for creatives, we may permanently remove their account. Here are some of the reasons a creative's account may be permanently removed:

• Posting a stock or clipart image in a logo design.

• Including an image or content owned by someone else, and claiming it as their own work.

• Although we can and do act after only a single violation, in most cases, we permanently remove accounts if a creative receives 3 guilty violations.

• If a creative had a previous account removed but created a new account, in violation of our user agreement.

We know that a buyer can be frustrated if an entry they like is disqualified. Ultimately, a creative and their entries are removed to protect you and the interests of other buyers. If the offending user's work is purchased, the rights you would receive to such work would be not only limited, but possibly invalid. This is absolutely the last thing we want to happen and we take great care to remove these users - and the offending entries - quickly.

If you have specific concerns about a user banned from your project, please click “Contact us” at the top of any page and our crew will be happy to help.

Last updated: 29-Jan-15 4:44 p.m. GMT

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