Naming Violations

Naming projects are set up so that creatives may enter up to 10 entries at a time in a project. There is also a filter that will prevent the same name from being submitted more than once. In order to maintain an even playing field for all creatives, we ask that you follow these important guidelines when submitting entries to naming projects. It is considered a violation if:

There are multiple names in one entry.

There is no name in the entry, but instead a note to the buyer.

The entry was submitted by someone who knows/works with the buyer.

The name is already an existing company or product.

The same name is submitted in another naming project at the same time.

The name is inappropriate or offensive.

The project requires an exact domain, and the comments do not explain the availability and/or cost of the domain.

The Creative failed to provide any explanation behind the name.

Last updated: 1-Jun-15 3:03 a.m. GMT

Tags: naming, violations

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