How much work can be asked for in a project (scope)?

Projects on crowdSPRING work best with a simpler scope of work and Buyers will see greater participation and receive more entries if their requirements are reasonable. Buyers who are in need of additional work have several options: They can increase the award amount, they can add an award, or they can negotiate with their awarded Creative for additional work. (Please note, projects in multiple categories should be posted as separate projects)

Of course, every project is different and some categories are more complex than others, so if you have any questions about the appropriate amount of work requested, just ask our friendly customer service team.

If you are looking for a responsive design, please see more information here.

Here is a list of the included scope of work if a project is posted at the minimum award:

info breakdown

Last updated: 19-Jan-16 10:41 p.m. GMT

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