High value projects

"High-value" projects are very special one for our community. When one of these projects is posted the community responds with their best efforts, and typically contributes many, many entries. Because of this, it is our policy to work closely with customers like you to make sure their projects succeed and to help "guarantee" that community is fairly compensated for the work contributed. In short, when a project with thousands of man hours is refunded - the result is great frustration from the creative community. We obviously have a guarantee and we stand behind it - we truly want our buyers to be happy. However, the situation is delicate with higher awards and increased participation so we work hard to safeguard our community. We are here to help and hope that you will contact us with any questions or problems. In the meantime here is a great guide and some resources to help you get the most of your project:

Last updated: 29-Jan-15 6:22 p.m. GMT

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