What are search exclusion, private galleries and private briefs?

Depending on the type of project you select (Silver, Gold, or Platinum), some of these features will either be included in the project listing fee - or you can purchase them a-la-carte. Click here to learn more about the differences between Silver, Gold, and Platinum projects.

SEARCH EXCLUSION - selecting the search engine exclusion feature will keep your project details out of Google, Bing and other other search engines. Google and other search engines index all of our Silver and Gold projects, but not our Platinum projects. That said, ALL project titles are indexed – including Platinum – so don't put any sensitive information in your title no matter what type of project you post. We do offer a search engine exclusion feature on Express, Silver and Gold projects for $39.

PRIVATE GALLERY - with a private gallery, only the buyer can see all of the submissions. This means they are completely hidden from prying eyes - not even the participating creatives will see one another's entries; only their own entries will be visible in the gallery and no one else's. Please note that this option is unavailable in EXPRESS and SILVER projects.

PRIVATE BRIEF - if the information you want to post in your project is confidential or sensitive, we'll show a short public overview to the general public and a separate private brief to only those who you specifically approve. Please note that this option is unavailable in EXPRESS and SILVER projects.

Last updated: 19-Nov-15 8:27 p.m. GMT

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