What should creatives know about quality review?

Please read this Q&A carefully because it answers exactly 97.23% of the questions you might have about crowdspring’s quality review policies.

Crowdspring has the most trusted and respected creative community in the world. It’s one reason why many of the world’s best Brands and agencies, plus tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses from 100+ countries regularly post projects on crowdspring.

Over 220,000 designers and namers work on crowdspring and we give those designers and namers access to tens of thousands of clients. To ensure that clients receive professional quality designs and names, we have to be sure that work on crowdspring conforms to our quality standards.

As you know, crowdspring verifies identity and curates work quality for every creative who wants to work on crowdspring. We do this to guarantee the trustworthiness and talent of our community.

In addition to our initial reviews when we first approve a creative to work on crowdspring, our team regularly  reviews work submitted to projects and creative portfolios to ensure that the work continues to meet our quality standards.


What does crowdspring review when performing a quality review?

We recognize that naming and design are inherently subjective. But there are established industry standards that clients and crowdspring recognize and follow.

For designers, we look at portfolios and how you execute the designs you submit to projects. This includes typography, composition, layout, color, visual and content hierarchy, and more. For more on these topics, read our 19,000+ word brand identity guide. We also evaluate technical skills, such as proper use of stock art, iteration of designs in response to client feedback, your creative briefs explaining the designs and why they would work well for the client, your communication with clients and with our team, and your ability to deliver proper, industry standard files and deliverables for clients when you are awarded.

For namers, we look at portfolios and the quality of your name suggestions in projects. This includes how closely you’re following the client’s requirements, your creative briefs explaining why your proposed name would work well for the client, how you respond to client feedback,  and your communication with clients and with our team.


Do my quality review results show on the site?

No. Our quality review process is internal. The results are not public. 

However, clients, prospective clients, and other creatives can see your reputation score, which measures the quality of work you submit to projects. For more details about your reputation score, read this FAQ.


How often does crowdspring perform a quality review?

We regularly review accounts for quality and there is no minimum or maximum number of times an account may be reviewed. Typically, we do at least 1 to 2 quality reviews of every account, every year.


What happens if my work quality doesn’t meet crowdspring’s standards?

If we find that a creative’s work doesn’t meet our quality standards, we take one of several actions. We may communicate with the creative to share our concerns, suspend the creative for a period of time, or revoke their right to work on crowdspring in specific sub-categories or in all sub-categories.

If we revoke the right to work in a sub-category, a creative is permitted to re-apply to work in that sub-category after six months. During that time, we expect that they will work to improve their skills.


Does crowdspring review Platinum and Elite creatives?

Yes. Our reputation algorithm does a good job of flagging potential quality problems, but we believe it’s important for us to regularly look at the quality of work submitted by all creatives, including those with excellent reputations.


Should I contact the crowdspring support team with questions about a quality review?

No. This FAQ addresses the most important questions about quality reviews. The support team won't share any additional details and contacting them will only make it more difficult for the support team to help you, other creatives, and clients, on other issues.

Quality reviews are done internally and should we need more information from you, we will contact you


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