Why don’t design projects include the coding (where appropriate)?

A "coded" site refers to a website or other design (like an app) that is fully functional. Uncoded websites and apps have all of the design elements in place, but still need to be coded to work.

Coding and design generally require different skills. It's rare that one person can do both things equally well.

Currently, crowdspring offers only uncoded design projects. This means you receive designs without CSS, HTML, or any other type of coding. But, don't worry - you'll receive layered PSD files that can be used by your developer to build your site or app.

Some of our creatives can also code, so many clients will post a 1-to-1 project after they receive their designs so that they can get those designs coded. If you’re interested in running a 1-to-1 project, just contact us.

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