What optional features are available for my project?

Here at crowdspring we offer a wide variety of features that you can choose to customize your project.

And, you only pay for the features that you’ll use. How great is that?!? 


Want to see all of the different features we offer? 

Read on for complete info below...

Assure Your Award

Assuring an award is a commitment to award a creative. This means that you waive your right to a refund.

But, in exchange you’ll get:

  • - An average of 50% more designs

  • - More designers choosing to participate in your project

  • - The attention of crowdspring’s top talent


Price: Free

Add an Award 

Want to award more than one entry? You can add as many awards to your projects as you want! 

Multiple awards attract more creatives, leading to a wider range of entries from which to choose. And, you can use these awards to purchase additional designs from your project.


Price: You Choose the Amount*

*Minimum award is $200

Express Projects 

Need a design in a hurry? No worries - we’ve got you covered.

Choose an express project of 1, 2 or 3 days*. This limits the design entry submission period to 1, 2 or 3 days. But, you’ll still have the full 14 day wrap-up period to complete your project. The best of both worlds!


Price: 3 Day - $39/ 2 Day - $59/ 1 Day - $79

*To get the best results from an express project, plan to provide lots of entry feedback quickly!

Focus Groups 

Need help choosing the best design? Hold a focus group!

Choose up to 12 of your favorite designs and share them privately or publicly with your colleagues, customers, family, friends, and social media followers with a convenient link. They can vote on their favorites and provide feedback comments so you can easily see which designs resonate best.



Silver - One Focus Group Free/ $29 for Unlimited Focus Groups

Gold, Elite & Platinum - Unlimited Focus Groups Free



Sharing designs with a client? Use our white label presentation tool!

We know it’s important to create a polished impression when pitching designs to clients. So, we’ve developed a tool that creates a beautifully branded mini-website customized with your logo and brand colors. Display the top design entries and collect client feedback all in one convenient platform.



Silver - Unavailable 

Gold - $99

Elite & Platinum - Included for Free



Managing a project with a team? No problem! 

Sharing just one log-in is a hassle. So, we developed our Collaborators feature. For one flat rate invite as many collaborators as you like and give each person separate permissions! Then your whole team can log-in, leave comments, and discuss project entries together.



Silver - Unavailable

Gold & Elite - $99

Platinum - Included for Free


Dedicated Manager

Want an experienced crowdspring support member in your corner? Our Platinum and Elite projects include a dedicated manager to watch over your project and help ensure success.

If you have any questions or concerns during your project, your dedicated manager will have your back.



Silver & Gold - Unavailable

Elite & Platinum - Free




We know you want your project to be seen by lots of creatives to ensure strong participation and great project results. So, we give you plenty of options for helping your project stand out from the pack.

Choose the level of promotion that works best for you!


Basic Promotion 

Our Basic Promotion feature will highlight your project listing on Explore - this is the area of crowdspring where creatives go to find new projects to participate in. This added exposure leads to an average of 25% more entries!



Silver - $49

Gold, Elite & Platinum - Included for Free


Starter Promotion 

Our Starter promotion feature promotes your project to the thousands of creatives following crowdspring on Twitter.



Silver & Gold- $69 

Elite & Platinum- Included for Free


Advanced Promotion

Advanced promotion is for clients who are really serious about getting the word out about their projects. Here’s what it includes…

  • - Your project listing is highlighted in Explore on the crowdspring site.

  • - Your project is showcased in our featured projects email to over 100k designers.

  • - We specifically invite 50 of our top designers or namers to participate in your project.


Projects with Advanced Promotion receive an average of 80% more entries.



Silver & Gold- $99 

Elite & Platinum- Included for Free


Ultimate Promotion 

Our Ultimate Promotion Bundle has it all. It includes everything from the previous packages:

  • - Your project listing is highlighted in Explore on the crowdspring site.

  • - We tweet your project to thousands of designers.

  • - Your project is showcased in our featured projects email to over 100k designers.

  • - We specifically invite 50 of our top designers or namers to participate in your project.


This promotion package and will get your project in front of the most designers possible.


Price: $139 for all package levels


Did you know that crowdspring was founded by an intellectual property lawyer? That’s why crowdspring has the best IP protections in our industry.

Learn about the privacy protections we offer below.


Non-Disclosure Agreements

Are you starting a unique new business venture? Or, just want to keep your project completely private? Then an NDA is right for you. NDA protection ensures that no one can see your project details - unless they’ve signed the agreement. 

You’ll create a public-facing project description (so no sensitive details!) for creatives; so that they decide if your project is a good fit for them. The full details will be securely hidden until a creative signs the NDA. We’ll email you a signed NDA for each and every participant.



Silver & Gold - $49 

Elite & Platinum - Included for Free


Search Engine Exclusion 

Don’t want your project showing up in Google searches? Then add Search Engine Exclusion to your project. 

We recommend adding Search Exclusion when you post your project. This ensures that your project will never appear in search engine search results. 

It’s possible to add Search Engine Exclusion after your project is already posted, but it does take time (a few weeks) for a web page to be completely removed from search results. So, it’s best to select Search Engine Exclusion from the start!

Please note that project titles cannot be hidden. So, don’t include any sensitive info in your project title.



Silver, Gold & Elite - $39

Platinum - Included for Free


Private Project Gallery 

Want to keep your project entries private? Choosing a private project gallery means that only you can see your entries. Not even participating creatives will be able to see entries from other creatives.



Silver - $49

Gold, Elite & Platinum - Included for Free


Privacy Bundle

For ultimate privacy protection, choose our Privacy Bundle. It includes all three of our advanced privacy features (NDA protection, a private project gallery and search engine exclusion) to keep your top-secret project truly top-secret.



Silver & Gold - $99 (a $38 savings!)

Elite & Platinum - Included for Free

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