How much work can be asked for in a project (scope)?

Projects on crowdspring work best with a clearly defined scope of work. Clients will also see more creatives participate and receive more entries in their project if the scope of work is appropriate to the award amount. (Look below for a list of our scope guidelines for each project type when posted with the minimum award amount.)

Clients who need additional work beyond the scope guidelines we’ve outlined below have several options:

1) Increase the award amount
2) Add a second (or third) award or...
3) Negotiate with their awarded creative for additional work.

The bottom line is, the creatives must be compensated for their additional work. It’s only fair.

(Please note, projects that cross multiple categories should be posted as separate projects).

Of course, every project is unique and some categories are more complex than others, so if you have any questions about the appropriate amount of work to request in your project, just ask our friendly customer service team.

If you are looking for a responsive design, please see more information here. Here is a list of the included scope of work if a project is posted at the minimum award:


Logo and Identity 
LogoDesign for 1 logo
Business CardsDesign for 1 business card
Logo & Business CardsDesign for 1 logo, business card, letterhead and envelope
Logo & Social Media AssetsDesign for 1 logo, avatars and headers for 3 SM platforms
Stationery & LetterheadDesign for 1 business card, letterhead and envelope


Naming & Branding 
Company/Product NameName for 1 company or 1 product 
Tagline1 tagline


Web and Mobile Design 
Website (Design Only)Design of 1-4 web pages
Landing Page (Design Only)Design of 1 stand-alone page (not part of a larger site)
Social Media AssetsDesigns of avatars and headers for your choice of 3 SM platforms 
Mobile App (Design Only)Interface design for 1 mobile app
Banner AdDesign of 1 ad (up to 4 sizes)
Email Template (Design Only)Design of 1 email template
Icon/Button/Widget (Design Only)Design of a set of 5-10 icons/ buttons/ widgets, depending on detail
Blog Theme (Design Only)Design layout for 1 blog 


Business and Advertising 
Brochure or MenuDesign for 1 piece of printed material (front and back)
Vehicle WrapDesign for graphics on 1 vehicle
InfographicsDesign of 1 page infographic
PresentationDesign of 10-20 slide, depending on complexity
Outdoor & SignageDesign of 1 sign
Postcard or FlyerDesign for 1 piece of printed material (front and back)
PosterDesign of 1 poster


Product and Packaging  
Product DesignDesign of 1 product
Packaging DesignDesign of 1 package/container
Package GraphicsDesign of graphics for 1 package/container


Art and Illustration 
IllustrationCreation of 1 detailed illustration or up to 5 very simple illustrations
TattooCreation of 1 tattoo design
Wall/ Mural ArtDesign of 1 illustrated surface


Clothing and Merchandise 
MerchandisePrint design on 1 product
T-ShirtDesign for 1 t-shirt (front and back)
Other ClothingDesign for print on 1 piece of clothing


Book and Magazine 
Book Cover1 book cover (front and back)
Magazine Cover1 magazine cover (front and back)
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