Where can I update my account info?

You can update your account info, including resetting your email address and password, in the “Account Info” tab of your account. Here’s how you get there…


Click your profile icon (the little square on the top right corner of your screen) and select “Account” from the menu that drops down.

profile menu - account

You will automatically be taken to your Account Info screen. At the top, you’ll find your username, email address and password. To change your password, click the blue “Change” button.

user account settings

Your contact information is beneath that. And, you can also select your primary and additional languages as well as your time zone. This is really useful information since crowdspring is a global community!


And, if you should ever choose to leave us, this is where you can delete your account, as well.


...But, please don’t go. We’d miss you!

In order to save any changes you’ve made on this screen (other than a new password), click the pink “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page.

user account settings - geography

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