How can I ensure that I'm notified when something new happens in my project?

You can set custom notifications that will tell you everything you want to know - and nothing that you don’t - about what’s going on at crowdspring. These settings live in your crowdspring Account. Here’s how you can find them...


Click your profile icon (the little square icon on the top right side of the screen) and select “Account” from the menu that drops down.

profile menu - account

Click on the “Notifications” tab on the top left side of your screen.

dashboard - notifications

Once you’ve clicked into the notification settings you can activate notifications by “checking” (clicking) the boxes. If a box is blue with a check in it, you will receive that notification.

The top list of options are notifications that you will receive in your crowdspring inbox on the site. You can find those by clicking on your profile icon again and clicking “Notifications” from the menu that drops down.

profile menu - notifications

The options at the bottom of the notifications settings page can be delivered directly to your normal email inbox. Click a circle to select that option. Blue circles indicate your selection. You can also use the drop-down menu to choose whether to receive emails immediately or a daily digest of all messages.

notification email settings


If you have any questions about this process, drop us a line here! (link to contact us page)

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