What kind of projects are best for 1-to-1?

Here at crowdspring we're known for our trusted and talent-filled crowdsourcing projects. But, we also offer 1-to-1 projects that allow you to work with just one talented designer. So, what kind of projects are best for 1-to-1?

If you know exactly what you want your new logo, t-shirt, vehicle wrap, or website to look like and you want a talented designer to execute it for you... a 1-to-1 project is perfect for you.


Here are a number of other scenarios where a 1-to-1 project might be the best choice:

Modify or update your existing logo or website.

Create branded social media assets, stationery, or signage.

Remove the background from images.

Create a professional flyer, brochure or menu for an event.

Create Facebook, Google or Remarketing ads.

Design landing pages based on your existing website design.

Make a proposal or presentation stand out with a strong design that isn’t stock.

Design a direct mail piece that actually gets read.

Update or create your professional business card.

Create a custom blog header to create a consistent, branded look.

You want to create a follow-up project based on any crowdsourced design you've already awarded on crowdspring.


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