What is a 1-to-1 project?

A 1-to-1 project is when a client works privately with a single Creative. Aside from that, it’s similar to any other crowdspring project. A client can invite a creative (we make this easy by recommending our best creatives), set an award (starting at $200, including fees) and provide project details.

When a client posts a 1-to-1 project, the client and the creative they select will have a chance to negotiate a price for the project before work begins. Once both sides are happy with the scope of the work and the price, they can begin.  The creative will submit ideas until the client find the one they like. Sound familiar?

1-to-1 projects include the same great features as regular crowdspring projects, including our award-winning project management tools, payment and escrow services, and a legal contract transferring the intellectual property to the client.

A 1-to-1 project is also completely private - only the client and creative have access. As a result, a 1-to-1 project will not be listed anywhere on the site except under the client's and participating creative's accounts.


Please note: 1-to-1 projects are not covered by our guarantee - these special projects are the equivalent of hiring a creative directly.


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