How much does a 1-to-1 project cost?

Just like a traditional crowdspring project, you decide how much your project will cost. The minimum price for a 1-to-1 project starts at $200 (which includes crowdspring's fee) and you can always increase the award. Designers receive 100% of your award. Our fees cover the cost to host the project, our award-winning tools, escrow and payment, and custom contracts and non-disclosure agreements.

You and the designer you pick will be able to negotiate both the scope and the price for the project.

When determining your award amount, please remember to price your project based on the scope of work. More labor-intensive projects deserve larger awards than very simple projects.

You can set your own budget or you can ask the designer to provide a price quote based on the scope of work. It's your choice.

Please note: 1-to-1 projects are not covered by our guarantee - these special projects are the equivalent of hiring a Creative directly.

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