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Freelance Web Design

Businesses of all sizes, from one person start-ups to small and mid-size businesses to international conglomerates, must have a presence on the Web. A good website design can help a company to more effectively market its products or services to customers. A good website design can also help individuals and businesses to promote their brands online, including on social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Classmates, Bebo, hi5, LinkedIn, and others.

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Freelance Web Designers & Freelance Website Developers

To build a website, you’ll need both web design for the site and development of the site. Freelance web developers tend to specialize in frontend or backend work. Frontend developers tend to focus on the client side – what your users see when they visit your website. Backend developers usually focus on the interaction between the server and databases. Backend developers often work on a number of things, which include scripting to permit your users to interact with the site, web server configuration, and developing e-commerce features, such as a payment system. Good freelance web developers are skilled in multiple areas, including web design, information architecture, usability engineering, web content management systems, web server administration, database administration, software engineering, project management, network security, and search engine optimization. There are many ways to design and build a website. Some people hire a website design firm. Website design firms often provide very high quality website design work and often have on staff web developers who can code the site. They will often provide a few options for your website design that will give you some variety to choose from. On the other hand, website design firms can be very expensive and you may find that the design price is out of your budget. If you decide to engage a website design firm, you should look for at least three or four firms and obtain creative quotes so that you can evaluate the cost of hiring any of those firms to help you with your design needs. Most people find that a freelance web designer can bring the best of both worlds together -providing a high quality web design service at lower prices. The single biggest issue with utilizing a freelance web designer is finding the right one. There are many freelance web designers and picking the right freelance web designer is often a difficult task. Additionally, not all freelance web designers are capable of coding the site, even if they can design it. Hiring a freelance web designer doesn’t necessarily mean that the same person will be able to develop the site for you. If you decide to engage a freelance web site designer, you should look for at least three or four freelance web designers and ask them for detailed quotes so that you can evaluate the cost of hiring any of them. You should include in that group freelance web developers so that you understand the cost of coding the site. You should also remember to ask them for a few examples of their prior work so that you can evaluate the types of freelance websites they’ve previously designed. Pay particular attention to those freelance web designers that are able to list only one freelance website or web design in their portfolio – this suggests that they haven’t had much experience in freelance website design. Also be careful if people specialize only in certain kinds of design - such as logo design. A designer who can create a beautiful logo doesn't necessarily have the skills to create a beautiful web design. You should look more carefully for designers that have multiple freelance websites in their portfolio.

Why Use crowdSPRING for Website Design

Some of the best freelance web designers in the world work on crowdSPRING. crowdSPRING can help you leverage an international community of web designers and eliminate your worries about the cost of web design. On crowdSPRING, thousands of designers from over 170 countries around the world compete for your business. Our freelance web designers have designed websites in over 90 different languages, and in most countries on the planet. You can easily tap into the power of our community. If you have questions about how to write a killer creative brief or what to look for in a great website design, you can find all the answers you need right here. Whether it's talking with others in our discussion forums, checking out the articles and research in our learning center or reading about all things creative in our blog, we can help. Plus, you’ll get choice for your web design that you will not get anywhere else. In fact, we guarantee your satisfaction 100% – no questions asked. Our unique model and web design process addresses and solves many of the problems typically found when buying freelance web design services. Unlike traditional marketplaces where you might look at three or four freelance web designers or freelance web design firms, on crowdSPRING, freelance web designers and freelance web design firms from around the world post actual designs, instead of bids and proposals. When your project ends, you choose the one you like the best. It’s that simple! So, can we help you design the perfect website today?

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