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Freelance Jobs

Virtually every graphic designer wants to work as a freelancer. Some are fortunate to find freelance jobs or freelance opportunities early in their career, while others find freelance employment and freelance work after first working for someone else.

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Freelance Jobs / Employment & Freelance Work / Opportunities

It’s important to remember that freelancing requires not only artistic talent – a freelancers job skills require much more. Because you work for yourself and must find freelance jobs, you don’t get to spend all of your time as a design freelancer. Often, before you find a freelance job, you must first look for and identify prospective clients and market to those clients. For some people, this is a difficult task. But others find this to be relatively easy. Some freelancers find freelance work using social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Classmates, Bebo, hi5, LinkedIn, and others. Other freelancers find freelance employment by word of mouth, when their existing customers recommend them to others. Unless you are very fortunate and your word of mouth recommendations are keeping you completely busy, you’ll have to spend some of your time looking for clients, and working to keep those clients. You’ll also have to do your own accounting and be your own receptionist, purchasing agent, and secretary. Don’t underestimate the amount of time that non-design jobs take. Also remember that although as s freelance designer, you work for yourself, you also have to now pay for your overhead, including your office, computer hardware and software, and supplies. You’ll need to remember that as a freelance designer, you’ll need to adjust to your clients’ schedules, especially if your clients are located in different time zones.

Freelance Design Jobs / Freelance Employment

As a freelancer, you’ll need to find your own work. Typically, when you work for a company, they’ll have sales people who will go out and find clients. Some people can find freelance employment with advertising and marketing agencies, or even with larger companies. Others must find their own freelance opportunities. There are a number of different strategies to find freelance jobs. You can look for a freelance job on traditional online marketplaces where you’ll compete against other freelance designers. Those marketplaces typically post many freelance opportunities, but the competition is often based on price and experience, and it is very difficult for inexperienced designers, or even experienced designers from developed countries, to compete on those marketplaces against designers from India or other countries where the cost of freelance work is much lower than in the United States.

Why Freelance Designers Should Work on crowdSPRING

Some of the best freelance designers in the world work on crowdSPRING. We have a great community of freelance designers that can help build your freelance design business. We’ve had buyers from 32 different countries post freelance opportunities ranging from logo design to website design, print to product design, illustrations, packaging design, and many more types of projects. You get to pick and choose the freelance work that interests you and control your own freelance employment. You can choose to participate in one freelance job at a time or participate in multiple freelance jobs at once. crowdSPRING is like a freelancers job market – where clients come to you, rather than you having to go out and find clients. And since crowdSPRING is truly a level playing field where it’s always about the work – you won’t be judged by how fancy your offices are or where you went to school. You won’t find another freelancers job market like crowdSPRING. We manage the entire billing and payment process for you and there’s never a cost – you keep 100% of the money you earn. We charge our fees to the clients on top of the money they pay you for your work. We also do something that no other marketplace does – we require escrow in every project. At the beginning of every project, the client deposits their payment into an escrow account with us. Freelancers can rest assured that the buyer is serious and has already paid their money, while the client can rest assured that they're safe until they receive the final files and they're completely happy. Our unique model and design process addresses and solves many of the problems typically found when selling freelance web design services and looking for freelance opportunities. Unlike traditional marketplaces where you have to compete against people who’ll constantly underbid you, on crowdSPRING, freelance designers and freelance design firms from around the world post actual designs, instead of bids and proposals. When a client’s project ends, they choose the one they like the best. You compete based on your talent and creativity. It’s that simple! So, if you’re a freelancer, we’d love to have you join our great community today and to help you find new freelance opportunities!

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