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Freelance Illustrator

An illustration is a visual interpretation, such as a drawing, painting or photograph, or other work. The goal of illustration is to emphasize and help explain written narrative by providing a visual representation. Among other things, illustrations can give faces to characters, display examples, visualize step by step processes, link ideas and concepts, and inspire the viewer to feel emotion and to expand the reach of the narrative.

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Freelancer Illustrators & Freelance Illustration

Businesses of all sizes, from one person start-ups to small and mid-size businesses to international conglomerates, will benefit from using good illustrations online and offline. Freelance illustrators can help a company to more effectively market its products or services to customers by providing graphical elements that reinforce the text on a webpage, in a logo design, or the text on paper, such as in a magazine or newspaper, or in a marketing brochure. Studies show that regardless of whether the marketing materials are in print or online, people generally react better when words are accompanied by graphics and illustrations. Good illustrators can also help individuals and businesses to build their brands offline and online, including on social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Classmates, Bebo, hi5, LinkedIn, and others. Some of the best social media sites are illustrated by experienced freelance illustrators. When looking for freelance illustrators, price is one of the most important considerations. And although many graphics designers might consider themselves illustrators, keep in mind that not every graphic designer is an effective illustrator. Illustration requires special skills – and very different skills than, for example, logo design or website design.

Understanding Freelance Illustration Rates and Prices

Individuals, small and midsize businesses, and even large companies must understand the cost to hire illustrators. The cost of freelance illustration services varies widely among firms, designers, and also varies significantly by geography. Freelance illustrator firms will have different rates and prices depending on what type of project they are bidding on. For example, it’s not unusual to find small freelance illustration firms charge thousands or tens of thousands of dollars for an illustration. The rates from large firms and agencies could be even higher. A freelance illustrator is more likely to charge less for the same freelance illustration. This is largely because freelance illustrators typically don’t need to pay for overhead to maintain their businesses and are able to pass those savings directly to their clients. However, this too varies widely. Keep in mind too that freelance illustrators will often set rates and offer pricing based on their level of expertise. A more experienced freelance illustrator will often charge much more for the same freelance illustration than less experienced illustrators. Finally, don’t forget that prices for freelance illustration vary widely based on geography. Freelance illustration projects from freelance illustrators and firms based in the United States and Europe, for example, may cost more for the same projects than the same project bid by freelance illustrators and firms located in countries who can afford to charge lower rates.

Understanding Freelance Illustration Quotes

When comparing quotes and prices from multiple freelance illustrators for the same job or project, it’s important that you understand whether the illustrators are proposing to charge you hourly rates or flat fees for the job. Some quotes reflect hourly rates for illustration. These quotes might seem low, but could turn out to be higher overall than other quotes that propose a flat rate for same work. Whether you are evaluating a single quote or multiple quotes, make sure that you understand how you are being charged for the work, because even the most carefully planned and priced freelance illustration project can quickly go over budget and your price may increase significantly. Sometimes, a freelance illustration that is expected to take 30 hours might take twice as long, and if you are paying by the hour, you might find that your cost is significantly more than you anticipated.

Why You Should Post Your Illustration Projects on crowdSPRING

Some of the best freelance illustrators in the world work on crowdSPRING. We have a great community - thousands of designers - that can help your with your illustration projects. So, if you are looking for freelance illustrators, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve had buyers from 32 different countries post projects ranging from illustration to logo to website design, print to product design, packaging design, and many more types of projects. crowdSPRING can help you easily find the right illustrator and eliminate the need to worry about price or what you’ll see when the work is completed. Unlike traditional marketplaces where you might have multiple illustrators submit quotes for the same project, on crowdSPRING, you set your own price and illustrators from around the world post actual illustrations. You pick from among actual illustrations, not from among bids and proposals. And by looking at the actual illustrations before you pick your favorite, you get to buy exactly what you want, rather than taking the risk that someone who submitted a quote lower than other illustrators will ultimately deliver a great illustrations for you. On crowdSPRING, when your project ends, you choose the illustrations you like the best. It’s that simple! So, if you have an illustration project, won’t you give our community of illustrators a chance to help you today?

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