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Show Media

What do you do?

We are launching a brand new digital network in the back of executive transportation cars (town cars) in New York City that transport primarily business travelers to/from the airport or to/from meetings in town.

Essentially we are placing a tablet (like an iPad) in the car that will be mounted to the headrest so it's impossible for the passenger to not see it. The audience is upscale with a $200K+ Household income, skews towards men and is primarily corporate travelers, with many using accounts they have with these companies or corporate cards to pay. Think lawyers, CEO's, bankers, investment wall street guys etc.

The tablet is set up to be both a digital display (which requires no user interaction) and also an interactive experience where if users choose to engage with the tablet they can dive into the content, check out all the different sections which include slideshows, video and custom content. When not engaging, there are screens rotating by with a mix of cool content, a few ads, and relevant live weather, flight info, movie reviews etc. The content is key, as we are going to great lengths to curate only the coolest, most relevant and NOT everyday type of content. News is news and we will feature some of that, sports scores, latest headline from news, pop culture etc. But the KEY to the content on this network is the special content. Content worthy of a forward to a good friend with a subject line 'check this out' or stuff that you would not have seen unless you happen to be reading the Sunday Arts and Leisure section on the New York times, or by chance we in London and passed by the Getty archives.

What we are really developing is a kind of custom interactive app/magazine which would interest this demographic. Bear in mind this is a very busy person who almost certainly has a smart phone in their hand and likely has a tablet in their briefcase, so as much as this is in from of their face and bright and shiny, unless we are showing them images and content thats interesting they are not likely to engage with it. Once they do engage, again our challenge is to show them something they have NOT seen and when they read it or look at it they are engaged and their experience with it is positive. Its all about passenger experience.

Target Audience

What is your industry?

Digital Out of Home Media technically, but we are really creating an interactive in-car media experience.

Describe your audience

Upscale business travelers. skew towards men. $200K+ income, bust professionals, lawyers, CEO's VP's bankers, investment guys. These are the people that companies trust to travel to different places to meet with companies and represent their brand. They are flooded with information, constantly pitched products and services and a bit older, so likely have families and possibly children who they want to get home to.

What 3 things do you want to communicate to your audience through this piece?

Escape and departure from the mainstream news, everyday clutter and boring content thats on 99% of websites

Tailored for the professional. If this were a magazine, it would be a magazine for busy execs and could just as easily be in a town car or on a private jet or first class in the seat back.

Grown up. This is a guy who reads the Wall Street Journal or Barrons, not TMZ or College Humor.com

Style and Details

Do you have a title for this piece?

Title depends on the article.

Do you have a thesis or conclusion that must be reached?

No, each article will be different.

Does any specific information need to be included?

We need engaging articles in the realms of travel, technology, lifestyle, food, art, and fashion. We do NOT want Wikipedia-type information. We need fresh and exciting perspectives!

What character, tenor or spirit do you wish to convey?

Needs to appeal to upscale business travelers.

What is your required length in words or pages for this essay?


Do you have additional info you want to include?

Examples of websites that have the kind of articles we're looking for: http://www.luxuo.com, robbreport.com.

If you write your own blog, please share with us!

Also, if we chose you/your article, we will most likely continue to use you for more article work down the road.



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