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Starts:4-Jun-10 8:43 a.m. GMT

Ends:18-Jun-10 8:43 a.m. GMT


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Creative brief

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Who are you?

Mc Crowney is a snack with main target market of children in Indonesia aged between 5-15. Other target market would be youngsters, young executives and parents
The snack is made from Macaroni (Italian pasta) with 6 different flavors.
McCrowney logo is a crow.
And its mascot are an Italian king and an Italian Queen, wearing the crown (the logo).
The packaging is from plastic and aluminum foil. Something like Frito-Lay's products: Lay's , Cheetos, etc.

What do you need?

The short story would be displayed in the back of the packaging to persuade the customers (mainly children), excite curiousity and giving them the image that eating McCrowney snack will help them get through the day. Feeling laid back, relax, fun and cool (peer pressure).

Who Is Your Audience?

The audience would be our main target market: children in Indonesia aged between 5-15. As well as other customers (youngsters and their parents).
We want to give the impression that McCrowney snack is delicious, the perfect snack to enjoy life, fun, laid back, outgoing, trendy, beautiful, the snack that remind you of a picnic in the park, the snack to help you get through your stressful days, as well as a hint of Italian royalty image (King McCrowney and Queen McCrowney are Italian king and queen)

We Like These Examples

The Breadou Story ( : imaginative, up-to-date fairy tale.

We Absolutely Must Have

The imaginative story of King and Queen McCrowney (fairy tale like Cinderella, Snow White, and other king and queen children fun bed time stories)

Brief updates

By melindamey on 7-Jun-10 3:24 a.m. GMT
100-150 words
By melindamey on 15-Jun-10 7:49 a.m. GMT
Some more words would be fine (up to 200 words).

As long as it can describe the "delicious taste and magical benefits"
of McCrowney snack in a persuasive way (persuasive for children).

I would love the story to be unusual fairy tale,
like Princess&Frog; / Shrek / Happily Never After.
Something out of the box, fresh and creative.

Thanks :)
By melindamey on 15-Jun-10 8:24 a.m. GMT
A story that contains an interesting history about the King&Queen; McCrowney before they became the king and queen is preferred.
By melindamey on 15-Jun-10 8:25 a.m. GMT
Elements needed:

- love
- fun
- health
- passion for the snack
- delicious taste
- magical transformation
- dreams come true (like they always have on Disney movies)
- romance
- hard work (optional)