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Business Info

Business Name

Defy Ventures

What do you do?

Defy Ventures is a NYC-based company that harnesses the natural talent and 'hustle' of formerly incarcerated men and women and channels it towards creating legal, profitable businesses. Through our mission to reduce recidivism, we recognize that many former drug dealers and gang leaders can become successful, legal entrepreneurs.
At Defy, we believe that individuals with criminal histories:
- Represent America's most overlooked talent pool
- Are some of the scrappiest and most accomplished entrepreneurs and salespeople
- Share skills and talents with top business leaders

Defy isn't another tech company selling software - what we build, every feature we define and every change we make is instantly used hundreds of men and women customers, so you'll see the fruits of your labor everyday.

Do you have a desired email template size?

The email design should be in a responsive layout so that it can accommodate all device sizes. Most of the audience receiving this email will be on their smartphones. I'm currently getting more specifications about size and who the email service provider is.

Which third party email vendor do you use to send emails?

Not quite sure yet, this will be sent on behalf of Fast Company

Target Audience

What is your industry?


Describe the target audience for your email template design

This email will be sent on behalf of Fast Company to their (very large) list of subscribers who have paid to attend a tech and design conference called Techmanity (Innovation to better humanity-link is below). The target audience for this email is SOFTWARE ENGINEERS that want to make a difference, and are passionate about using their craft to improve the way we live, work and play. The audience will be skewed towards men in their early 20s to early 40s who are smart, eager-to-learn, liberals who are 'thinkers' and problem solvers who like to re-imagine and reinvent the future. The PURPOSE of this email is to promote that Defy is hiring a software in engineer, in attempt to attract top engineering talent who also believe in our mission.

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience through your email template design?

1. Our culture is awesome: This engineer will be working among smart, talented individuals who are passionate about their craft, have high standards for the work they produce and are passionate about Defy's mission. WE LOVE WHAT WE DO.

2. This position is the opportunity of a life-time, and it's different. Defy Ventures is not your average software company, nor are we your average non-profit. Few other world-changing endeavors match the scalability and impact of what we're building, and our Director of Engineering will join Defy as Software Engineer #1.

3. What this engineer builds-- every feature he defines and every change he makes-- will be instantly used by the people we serve, allowing him to see the fruits of his labor everyday, and the smiles on the faces of those he impacts.

Style and Concept

What email template design styles do you like?

I have taken a lot of screenshots that I've attached below of the style I like, but I'd also encourage designers to take a leap and do something different, because Defy is very different (We are, literally, defying the odds). Aside from an initial POP! of color some nice use of typography & messaging, I like simple, elegant, and minimal style similar to Square, Apple, Medium other design-focused companies.

What colors do you want to see in your email template design?

Defy Ventures does not yet have an established visual identity or brand, so we have some flexibility here (especially since our logo--whether just the 'd' is used, or the whole name), can either be black or white. For color, I am a big fan of just using 1 (or 2--you're the designer) colors that pop. I'm a fan of grey (#28282E), i love a pop of this reddish/orange-ish color: #F65A5B, and/or I'm also a fan of this trendy turquoise (#39D1B4) or of course blue along the lines of (#33A9E0)

We also have a lot of great professionally photographed images of our culture & of the people we serve, that we could use for color. BUT, If we did use color, I'd prefer either a blue similar to variation of the blue we have on our site today (http://defyventures.org/what-we-do/our-m...) or orange (as long as it didn't evoke a feeling of prison)

What colors do you NOT want to see in your email template design?

nothing too washed out or too warm--no pinks, yellows, greens, and nothing too corporate looking (no navy, for example). We want to look modern and sophisticated, but a pop of fun color would be nice.

What adjectives should best describe your email template design?

imaginative, innovative, elegant, tasteful, modern, creativity through constraint, simple, powerful

What content must be included in the email template design?

Defy Venture's Logo and perhaps some powerful images
A captivating blurb about what we do and most importantly, that we're hiring, and looking for a Lead Software Engineer! The body could be something as simple as:

Subject Line: Were Hiring! (Lead Software Engineer)

[Body] Defy Ventures is [add description of defy]
We're a small company changing the world in a big way and we [sentence about how awesome our culture is] .Defy is growing six ways from Sunday and we're looking for our lead software engineer who will play a hands-on role in defining and engineering the first version of Defy's collaborative online learning platform. If you or someone you know wants to work at a small, [more about how awesome we or the role is] company with a bright future, check out our jobs page: http://twitter.com/help/jobs

Copy all TBD

Do you have additional requirements or links you'd like to share?

Our professional media photographs and various culture pictures are in this dropbox folder: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ejoygdd10n071...
Link to our site: Defyventures.org
Link to the conference (who the audience will be) : http://www.techmanity.com/

I like elements from the following 'about' pages, whether it's the banner or photography treatments or the typography:

Also attached design inspiration below, but i'm looking for SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Not Trendy necessarily. If you're looking for a particular image based on the work we do, let me know.



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