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Business Info

Business Name

D. Brown Management

What do you do?

We are a management advisory firm focused on the construction industry. One of the early stages of our sales funnel and a tool we use to keep our team in front of potential clients is a series of training classes and workshops; many of them done online. We have a need for 12-20 "design packages" per year that include a workshop flyer, email template, landing page and associated PDF documents. This is the first project we have tried on Crowdspring and we are really looking for a relationship with a great designer to manage this entire process working with our senior consultants on various class ideas. The first project is for an email template only. We know this project is for an uncoded design but we are looking for a professional or company that can handle a full scope including design, coding, copy (with interaction) and execution. This project is about talent assessment for a much larger scope of work.

Do you have a desired email template size?

No specific size. Current templates utilized are attached. These were designed by business consultants; not designers so please don't laugh! They have worked good enough so far but we really want to upgrade our design as a whole.

Which third party email vendor do you use to send emails?

We utilize our own system including Mail Communicator by Apex Pacific tied into our marketing database which is SQL.

Target Audience

What is your industry?

Professional Services to the Construction Industry

Describe the target audience for your email template design

Construction Contractor management teams (CEO, President, CFO, Operations Manager, Project Managers, etc.)

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience through your email template design?

1. Tactically we want to communicate the class itself and its benefits. This should be 'above the fold'
2. Our philosophy is that all marketing pieces should have value to the potential client even if they don't buy anything from us so we always include links to helpful resources, templates, books, etc.
3. Our experience and contact info should be conveyed clearly. Our biggest difference is that all of our consultants actually came from industry and key positions with ENR Top 400/600 sized contractors rather than coming from professional services.

Style and Concept

What email template design styles do you like?

Prefer a corporate look and feel that also conveys that we understand (and love) the messiness and grittiness of construction. Our typical audience will be conservative 40-65 years old.

What colors do you want to see in your email template design?

Open to other colors but our established company colors we use in a lot of our work are (in HEX):

Logo Blue: 5B6DAD
Logo Text Blue (Darker): 364298
Shades of Gray: 939393 | 313131 | CCCCCC

What colors do you NOT want to see in your email template design?

There are no colors that immediately come to mind that we would stay away from but are confident that some color combinations submitted may not fit once we see them. Being reasonable and thinking about construction and corporate conservative something like pink probably doesn't have a place.

What adjectives should best describe your email template design?

Results Oriented Training / Focus, Deep Experience, Invest In Your Future

What content must be included in the email template design?

The attached ZIP file contains some examples and an outline for the class as well as a first draft of the flyer.

Do you have additional requirements or links you'd like to share?

Look through files in the attached ZIP file. We like basic fonts (Arial / Times) but are open to other suggestions. We are great at business consulting but are not design experts. We started in 2005 and the website hasn't changed much since then. We have grown steadily even through the downturn and we are upgrading everthing marketing related in 2012.



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