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Business Info

Business Name

This is a new project and the company does not have a name yet.

What do you do?

The company we are about to start will operate in the collective buying industry sector.
People also use the names "vouchers", "discounts", "city deals", "spontaneous buying", "impulsive buying" among others to describe and refer to this recent industry with 3 years.
Everyday we will sell online a service (for example hotel, restaurant, massage, dentist, surf lesson, etc.) or a product with a great discount between 50% and 90%. Consumers buy it online with credit or debit card and receive an automatic e-mail with their voucher ("ticket").

Do you require that a .COM, .ORG or other URL be available?

This is a "conditio sine qua non", a must.
We absolutely require a .COM (and .COM only!) available domain name and this is probably the main reason why we need the help and support of a talented, persistent and proactive creative writer like you. Whilst working on this project it will be tremendously helpful to check the availability of all names in sites like www.register.com or www.godaddy.com. They'll tell you in one second whether the domain is available for registration and therefore eligible for this project.
We are aware that there are plenty of people and companies registering .COM domains in order to sell them expensively and that many names are already taken. We are positive, though, that you have what it takes to find us a world class name and win this project. Go for it and good luck :). You will count with our support and feedback in order to make sure you are in the right direction.

Target Audience

What is your industry?

Our industry is the "Collective Buying" industry. (This industry is also known as "Online discounts", "Vouchers", "City Deal", "Daily Deal", "Impulsive Buying" and "Spontaneous Buying").

Describe your audience

All our customers have internet access and buy and interact with us over the internet.
About 65% of our customers are female.
Our customers are young. The age in most cases ranges between 18 and 45.
They are urban, cosmopolitan and tend to live in bigger cities or its vicinities.
Many of our customers have a University degree and the vast majority of them are part of the active population (either employed or own a business). A significant part of them are also students.
In terms of income it is not possible to generalize, but the middle and middle upper class may represent the majority of customers in this industry.
Our customers have not a lot of time to buy, but they do like to enjoy life and maximize the short periods of free time. They love discounts and bargains and are ready to make quick purchasing decisions online.
They use and like social networks, mainly Facebook and Twitter, and often recommend our deals and offers to their friends after buying them.

What 3 things do you want your domain name to communicate to your audience?

1) EXCITEMENT, COOL, QUALITY, UNIQUE, LOVE: great deal, unique offer, big discounts, you can not resist
2) TO SAVE AND TO EARN MONEY: a) saving money and b) earning money inviting others to save money

List the domain names of your top three anticipated competitors

1) Groupon: www.groupon.com
2) Living Social: www.livingsocial.com
3) LetsBonus: www.letsbonus.com

Style and Concept

What character, tenor or spirit do you wish to convey?

young, happy, fun, irresistible, beautiful, healthy, wealthy, trendy, pleasure, romantic, love, adventure, socializing, money, sexy, comfort.

Do you want to include additional info?

We would like to invite you have a look on some URL .com domain names:


We challenge you to find us a better URL .com domain name.

The name and URL domain name we are looking for is meant for a company that intends to expand globally. The name and URL does not have to be a word or a combination of words, but it should be phonetically friendly in the English language.

Ideally it will be a name and URL with impact, attractive, EASY for customers and potential customers to MEMORIZE and spreading the word when recommending to relatives, friends and colleagues. The name and URL should not have many characters. The shorter the name is, the higher the chances for you to win this project.
We have used crowdsourcing in general and Crowd Spring successfully in the past and we provide writers and creative constant feedback. If you are willing to win you will have our support.
Subject to agreement between both parties we are happy to reference the winner of the project as the creator of the URL.com domain name with a short bio, picture and e-mail on our website. The website will be in English and the local languages and this may generate news leads and important business contacts to you. We will do only this if you are happy and comfortable with it.

Not so important for the domain URL name registration, but for your information: The vision of our company is creating a world without hunger and poverty, without wars and with a sustainable environment. The company will have a strong Corporate Social Responsibility action plan donating a minimum of 2,5% of its daily revenue to NGO's and charities.



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