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Please note! Our logo is waiting for you in another CrowdSpring project! If you can build a winning web brand experience around one of those designs, well select it as the winner of that contest. Just select any logo there that has a 4-star or 5-star score as the branding basis for your design.


We are an online search portal for finding and renting self-storage space (such as secure rooms/garages, boat/RV space, mobile storage, etc). Our key messages and general layout/usability plans can be seen in the attached file.Where we need your help is in graphic design, especially overall BRANDING and user experience. Please share your fresh ideas and brand perspective for this LANDING PAGE design/layout, which includes:

1. Logo

2. Tagline/pitch

3. Search box (city/state or zip)

4. Minor navigation, including login

5. Three steps (1 search, 2 sort, 3 select)

6. Benefits/solutions


Because our users will be mostly first-time visitors (from Google et. al.) looking for storage space, the landing page needs to be highly communicative and energetic, yet comforting. The ultimate objective is to motivate all visitors to continue forward using our search tool rather than bounce back out toward a competitors self-storage search engine. The target segments are 70% residential, 30% commercial. Target audience is 70% female. About 50% of our users will be moving/relocating and looking for storage as an accessory service; storage is often an extension of the home/downsizing. Demographics are multicultural (site will offer multiple languages).


The brand message/experience is find a friendly, familiar, secure location near you. Thats why we chose to center our brand on a typical, contemporary AnyTown U.S.A. GREEN & WHITE STREET SIGN (again, please refer to our CrowdSpring logo project). Other colors in the landing page design might include BLUE and/or GRAY/CHARCOAL. Integration of imagery/pictures that somehow communicate the sites solution would be terrific (we will pay for any royalty-free images used in the winning design). Please keep the design light, bright and clean, NOT dark, deep or busy/cluttered. Also, please stay away from a beige/tan or orange/purple palette, which are prominent in our competition.


Value proposition = One-stop shop for all of your storage needs

Personality = Friendly/welcoming utility

Positioning = The most complete local search/portal

Common thread (in segments) = Easy, convenient, affordable self-service

Genre = Urbs, i.e. something that aligns with the LOCAL/in my neighborhood theme


SmashingMagazine.com offers lots of great tips and examples of highly usable, attractive, and especially CURRENT web design. The attached examples in "StorageFront_CrowdSpring" show several site designs we researched/evaluated via Smashing. We also found good information at WebDesignFromScratch.com; of particular note is this brief article on zooming content: http://webdesignfromscratch.com/web-desi.... Weve found great affordable stock at iStockPhoto.com and icons at IconFinder.net.

Thank you for sharing your creativity.



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