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Starts:24-Sep-09 6:41 p.m. GMT

Ends:3-Oct-09 6:41 p.m. GMT


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Creative brief

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We are a Alternative Energy company specializing in the design and installation of clean power energy systems including solar electric panels and solar hot water systems. We have an extremely professional approach and run our business with a customer first approach. We are passionate about helping our customers to reduce their carbon footprint while enabling this transformation with state of the art, money saving, investments in eco friendly systems.
Our business is driven by connecting to potential customers through our website. 70% of all solar customers do their research and search for contractors with our services via the internet.


Very clean looking web site that intrigues searches to wander inside.

We want to open our eyes to a site that instills confidence that we are a professional and customer focused firm that is very concerned with the environment, and we are delivering needed services that improve the environment we leave for future generations. Needs to be simple to navigate and find the information desired , and most importantly - converts eyeballs to potential buyers who will sign up for our free assessment/proposal. Our web interface is the most important front to our potential clients

Also need to be able to update the information on the site easily.

We need the following pages:

1. Logo on top left (see attachments)
2. Large photo across the top (below the logo) and this could be continuous revolving photos, see attached samples for front page
3. Color schemes should be light/bright colors (white or clear background) no dark colors. See example sites below
Navigation: Using Tab structure at bottom of header photo with the following tabs:
1. Home
2. Why Solar?
a. Environmental Benefits
b. Incentives
3. Our Services
a. Site Survey
b. Design
c. Financial Analisys
d. Installation
e. Monitoring
f. Residential
g. Commercial
h. Solar Thermal Solutions

4. About us
a. Warranty
b. Making a difference
6. Contact Us (email template) as well as space to display address/phone/etc
7. Free Energy Consultation


Space for posting news items

Highlighted buttons/links taking them to
• Free Site Survey
• Financing solutions
• Residential
• Commercial

Links section

Templates for all of the other page area and for the contact page/email template


Our customers come from the following groups,
ECO Green consumers who’s focus is to improve the environment
Bean counters who like the return on investment
Techy engineers who like the new technology
Self reliant individuals


Brief updates

By jmbassoc on 25-Sep-09 2:24 p.m. GMT
Photos I submitted are just for ideas, you can add your own if you like better. Just trying to show possibilities
By jmbassoc on 1-Oct-09 8:04 p.m. GMT
Deadline had been extended until October 3rd, so we picked up 2 more days for responses

By jmbassoc on 3-Oct-09 3:13 p.m. GMT
Wow, so many good responses, this is truly going to be a hard decision to make. Thanks to everyone who participated, the majority of responses have been truly first class